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  • I read Little Fires Everywhere to get ready for the J being in the movie or show or what they’re going to do with it. It’s so much like every other book in its category; I am going to forget it in like a week. There were parts that were promising, but it didn’t hang together as a whole, and it was just overwritten.

    It’s not a great part for the J - the men in the book are uniformly uninteresting bit players, only there to advance the women.
    Sounds perfect for him, he seems to prefer being in a supporting role in things. Maybe they’ll improve it for tv.


    • Sounds perfect for him, he seems to prefer being in a supporting role in things.

      This is a good point. The J has never had a true 'starring' vehicle when you know he must have been offered at least one role where he's the snarky cop/lawyer/doc who doesn't play by the rules and the title of the show is just his character's name, right? So I guess he's not really interested in anything but ensembles.

      Vulture did a fascinating article on Sherrilyn Kenyon's legal woes and uh . . . I think the poor lady has undiagnosed mental issues and nobody is trying to kill her at all, and that's sad!

      Kenyon had her blood, hair, and nails tested for 21 different heavy metals. The results, which she shared with me, appeared to show elevated levels of chromium, beryllium, manganese, nickel, cadmium, antimony, platinum, mercury, lithium, selenium, tin, barium, thorium, and arsenic. These tests are the basis of her claim that she was poisoned. But when I spoke with Dr. Ernest Lykissa, the lead scientist of the lab that performed the tests, he said the concentrations of heavy metals in her system weren’t high enough to support her theory. “In this case,” he said, “the only thing I see is environmental exposure.” He thought she’d probably absorbed the metals from her surroundings — from the paint in her home, for example, or the exhaust from her car.
      Goldberger and other toxicologists I spoke to said they would never test patients for toxins without first meeting with them or speaking with their physicians. If they had met with Kenyon, they would have asked her about her medical history and her eating habits. They would have wanted to know if she ever dyed her hair (she did) and if she had been going through menopause when her most recent symptoms appeared (she had). But Kenyon told me she never saw a toxicologist. Cabal, her son, said that she’d always been sick, that her teeth had always been bad, that she had lived on fast food for as long as he could remember, and that she rarely exercised or got enough sleep.

      “She is by far the most unhealthy person I’ve ever met,” he said. “Her not being sick was rare.”


      • Somebody has to help this woman, get her into a home where they can care for her, because she’s batshit.


        • Lockdown and insomnia have increased my reading so I have some recs for anyone interested.

          I really love Christina Lauren's books which we discussed here before. To tell you the truth, the Beautiful Bastard series were not my favorites, altough I think I've read at least half of them but I loved these two:


          which starts with a tropey trop but it's sweet and hot

          and Dating You / Hating You

          which has such a believable conflict between the two leads and has one of the most realistic portrayals of women in a sexist workplace (ie every workplace let's be honest).

          More on the rom com front, I've read all the three books of Melanie Summers' Paradise Bay series, which start with this book

          Not as good as the above but very funny and sweet.

          I've also read Red, White and Royal Blue

          Gay romance! Hot! However, it was too tropey for my liking. It was as if the author was checking a list with every fanfic trop in there.

          The Royal We by the Fug Girls

          which is blatant William / Kate fanfic. It was enjoyable! With two caveats. The ending is NOT good. (ie it is Happy but in an awful way imo) and they try to insert all the royal ships in there (it was published before Harry/Meghan so Harry/Pippa is a thing in it, for example.) The names are not William, Kate or Harry btw.

          I've also read Little Fires Everywhere and I agree with everything said here. I didn't love it.

          I've mentioned before here that I really like JK Rowling's mystery novels as Robert Galbraith.

          Lethal White, the latest one, is actually my favourite.

          Very, very good! The third one, Career of Evil, got on my nerves a little. Great mystery, dificult personal relationships.

          Last The Scarlet Pimpernel.

          I knew it as a classic, but it has never been translated here (or I haven't found it) so I'd never read it before but I was curious. I've finally decided to read it in english which is always a gamble for me when it concerns old books. Sometimes they use too much of old-time slang that I feel I miss a lot. This book was one of them but I enjoyed it all the same. It starts slow, but when the to leads finally interact for real, it comes alive.

          Also, by replying to this thread, I remembered the Kenyon case. It seems she dropped the charges last July.

          Yeah. That was... something.


          • I've mentioned before here that I really like JK Rowling's mystery novels as Robert Galbraith.

            I'm conflicted about Rowling these days, but gah . . . I love me some Cormoran Strike. The adaptations have been great as well. The casting is so spot on! Really looking forward to seeing what they do with Lethal White when it comes out.


            • Yes! I really like the TV show too! I didn't know you were reading them too. Robyn is such an amazing character.


              • Ugggggh. I was giving JKR the benefit of the doubt, thinking maybe she was just a little clueless, but noooope. She drank that TERFY kool-aid all the way up. So disappointing.

                Got no problems giving up all things Potter, but I was really looking forward to the Lethal White adaptation and now I'm super not!

                This has also reminded me that there was a (very minor) trans character in one of the Strike books that wasn't written very kindly, but they left her out of the tv adaptation and I had more or less forgotten about her (I don't think she was misgendered or anything, just portrayed as being a few crayons short of a full box, I think). This has put all of it into perspective, especially since JKR says she first began researching trans 'issues' because she was creating Robyn, and that Robyn was "of an age to be affected by such issues" which makes no fucking sense whatsoever.

                I hate everything about this.


                • She’s just been appallingly bad in this. It is not going to stop me from loving Neville Longbottom, but luckily I have already given her all the money I can for the books and movies, so she won’t get another cent from me in any way. It is just so easy to NOT be that person; why can’t she try that?




                    • Yiiiiikes. That's an equally bad look, The Sun. How vile.


                      • I was horrified when I saw The Sun did that.

                        I don't understand what Rowling is up to. It's a bizarre mostly strawman bunch of weirdness IMO. A friend sent me the essay JKR wrote and asked me to read it. I'm pretty dumb about trans issues but I apply the same principal I try to apply to everything: Listen when people who have a different life experience from you are speaking, let people be, don't hurt anyone or advocate hurting anyone ever in anyway, particularly with regard to real laws/policies, etc). Anyway, my grand takeaway from the essay was that I had voiced a couple of these concerns in a private conversation with the person who sent me the essay (oops) and that the bathroom argument is deeply stupid. Nobody does a gender check at any restroom I've ever visited and I've visited them all because I have a weak bladder and go all the damn time. Her essay was nothing but punching down, IMO, and her fierce stance on this is ridiculous.

                        Layered on top of that, however, was my sadness for JKR and for women of my entire generation. Because I heard in her voice genuine fear of men. Genuine trauma at the hands of men. And a tiny bit of hatred. I don't think JKR hates trans people. I think she hates men and so any male who doesn't identify that way is Up To Something and not to be trusted. I'm armchair analyzing a bit but between her how father wanted a son and the violence and sexual violations she endured in her early relationship (and likely in society as many women our age have) clearly left her feeling wounded and vulnerable to this day. It made me so sad. So, in that way, I felt a kinship and sisterhood in her pain. If she were my friend, I'd probably pull her aside and try to talk to her about it and reassure her that trans women are not here to sneak past her (real or virtual) castle's walls and do her harm.

                        So much of that essay struck me as coming from a place of trauma that when I saw The Sun then trotted out her abuser? I felt like I was gonna puke. It was so gross.

                        Full disclosure: I had said to this friend in private that it seems odd that the number of young people identifying as trans has skyrocketed in the last few years and that the numbers of girls who now identified as boys (vs historical numbers, which are the exact opposite) gave me pause. I said was worried that our society's push to tell girls it wasn't so bad to be a girl clued them in that it's kinda bad? LOL And did that result in some of them seeing a way out of the problems associated with being a girl by no longer being one? I was spitballing in our discussion, but I also have no platform, no influence in this area beyond voting liberal, and I would never throw a fit about it and demand gendered bathroom checks. Just felt like I had to be honest about my own thoughts. To be super clear: I don't think my concerns even matter that much because I also genuinely believe that The Kids Are Ok and us old people should be happy they're figuring out ways to destroy rigid gender identity anyway because that's been bad for all of us since forever.

                        Trying to be a better person is hard work. And I'm trying to extend more sympathy and kindness to everyone (except Trump voters).

                        It’s just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                        • Is, if I could like your post a thousand times I would. I actually don't think she's a bad person. I think she has ISSUES. She still won't get my money. But her essay made no sense. Also I genuinely don't think that people would alter their gender so lightly. It's surgery! It involves drugs and it's painful. How do people would make this decision so easily? I don't buy it.