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  • AND I guess they're not even bothering with that third movie?! I've honestly never heard of Hollywood not completing their shit after part 2 of 3.


    • I thought they were going to make it Direct-to-Video? Or is Shailene Whatsherface refusing? Doesn't she have a contract?


      • Code Name Verity is only $1.99 on kindle right now!


        I still think about this book at least once per week, and every time I do it KILLS ME. I just bought it even though I read it from the library and am not sure I can go through reading it again because of feels.


        • I got this on my kindle from the library and couldn't remember at all why I did! Now I know. I'll maybe actually read it now!
          Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


          • It's REALLY good, even if you're as sick of books about WW2 as I am. I loved this book so much.


            • Breezy!!!

              Those books we don't even think we like are getting a tv series!!

              Catherine Hardwicke as EP!!!


              • I think they'll be GREAT as a tv series! The whole thing was very visual with all the dreamscapes etc etc. I also wonder if they'll be able to streamline it a little! (she's writing an Adam/Ronan romance now I believe, so I wonder if that will be incorporated - bisexual characters on tv!)


                • If y'all are looking for a little escapism right now BECAUSE WHY WOULDN'T YOU BE, I got some recs.


                  In no partick order, except that I just read Alex, Approximately a couple of nights ago and it was super! great!

                  Alex, Approximately
                  Jenn Bennett
                  It's a You've Got Mail revamp but totes different. California, surfing, classic films, and a wackadoo summer job. Smuttier than I expected!

                  The Summer of Jordi Perez (And the Best Burger in Los Angeles)
                  Amy Spalding
                  Also California and a summer job romance, but this time the MC is unapologetically gay and only somewhat unapologetically fat. I didn't enjoy this quite as much as the book above (and the conflict and resolution were sorta weaksauce), but I wanna give it props for being a pretty solid f/f love story. Which there aren't enough of.

                  Akemi Dawn Bowman
                  I just realized that this one also involved California and a summer job. Huh. This theme was unintentional.

                  The Lie Tree
                  Frances Hardinge
                  Not California! No summer job! This is historical magical realism (maybe? I can never tell the difference between 'paranormal', 'supernatural' and 'magical realism') set in England.

                  Claudia Gray's Firebird Trilogy
                  Alternate worlds travel! . . . which might actually involve California now that I think about it, but it would be like, an 'alternate' California actually.:

                  NOT YA:

                  A Gentleman in Moscow: A Novel
                  Amor Towles
                  I looooved this book:. don't know how to describe it, actually. But it does involve a guy and he's in Moscow and he's a gentleman and California is NEVER mentioned.

                  The Hating Game
                  Sally Thorne
                  AHHHHHHH. This one was a ridic amount of fun. It was basically so much fun it could have been an enemies-to-lovers fanfic (because fanfic is usually more fun). Reminded me of Set It Up . . . and I also kept picturing the characters as JDoh and KBell even though that didn't make a lot of sense, description-wise. It's set in Australia, which is like the California of the rest of the world? (they are going to make a movie of this one . . . and since it's Aussie, maybe they can dig up an unknown Hemsworth for it?)

                  The Kiss Quotient
                  Hoang, Helen
                  (It's smutty! REALLY SMUTTY) but I enjoyed this one without entirely meaning to enjoy it? ALSO CALIFORNIA WHAT IS MY BRAIN TRYING TO TELL ME I DON'T GET IT.


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                  • Thanks! The Australian one especially sounds delicious.


                    • Thank you!


                      • I don't actually go here, but the author Sherrilyn Kenyon's latest newsletter is . . . . uh . . . :


                        It's starts off chit chatty about a new recipe site she set up and then . . . well, I'm not going to excerpt from it because y'all just need to let it unfold naturally.


                        • Um, DAMN. I wish more holiday newsletters were filled with that kind of crazy shit.


                          • OMB!


                            • What in the world did I just read? Man, if that's what her enewsletter is like, I might need to read some of her actual novels.
                              Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                              • What?? We all agree her ex was trying to kill her, right?