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  • She is opposed to messiness AND headbands. With her curly hair her regular style is a messy ponytail or bun so none of that feels like *prom* to her.

    I think we're going to end up with a fancy updo type thing and with a few finger waves loose around her face.


    • I say screw the theme! Just let her do a dressy updo if that is what she wants, since she's the one who is going to have to look at these pics the rest of her days.

      But! I only say that because I still have prom hair PTSD, so take that advice with a truckload of salt.

      I had my hair cut short (the early 90s version of a boy cut that was longish on top) a few months before my prom, and my mom was unhappy that I would have short hair in my prom pics. She was right that the haircut was a mistake, but she was wrong to drag me to a hairstylist and force them to give me a PERM on top of my head the week before prom. I don't know what she thought that would accomplish, but it was horrid. She just wanted to make sure I looked 'feminine' -- and poodle curls on top of a short cut was supposed to do that? She wouldn't stop fiddling with it, either. Hours with a curling iron and hairspray and whatnot. That is my clearest memory of prom day . . . my mom struggling with my hair and getting really upset that it wasn't perfect.

      So now I hate my pics, and I only remember the stress of trying to make my mom happy with my hair and totally failing.


      • Ophy! My mother did the EXACT same thing to my hair. I made it to the regional gymnastics championships (before I grew to be an effing giant. 5'11 and gymnastics don't go together).

        I had that horrid hair in all of the pictures of this huge event and I can't even stand to look at them now. I literally had the standard old lady do. Horrible.
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        • Yeah my mom did the same thing except in reverse. She gave me a home perm that turned my whole head into fuzz and then decided to trim the *dead ends* off herself which left me with about an inch of hair that was fuzz on the ends. The week before 5th grade school pictures. It was hideous and I can't bare to look at those pictures to this day.

          I'm not being overbearing about her hair, I swear! I don't care if she wears it in a messy ponytail because she has beautiful hair, but she's decided just this one time to be a *girly girl* and claims she knows what she wants it to look like even though she can't find pictures or quite articulate to anyone exactly what that would look like.


          • Gloop, you've probably already done this but I go the beauty department whenever I need hair ideas. Tons of ideas and also really great tutorials. It saved me when my blow dryer broke day one into a ten day work trip and I realized I'd have to wear my hair up every day. Every other hair website I go to for ideas gives me 90s salon book vibes.

            This is so pretty and relaxed.
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            • What a great site; I need that kind of tutorial because I am so bad with hair. I want to do this to my hair every day now.


              • Oh, that pic em linked to definitely has a 20's vibe, but is also all modern braid-ish:


                • Thanks em! I love that site now and that style is definitely a winner. I'm going to give it a try tomorrow night and see how close I can get it actually looking like that. She's got a TON of long curly HEAVY hair so I'm thinking I will need to invest in about 1000 bobby pins and several large cans of spray. I found some pretty hair combs that might look good tucked along the braid.

                  The hardest part about doing her hair is dealing with the ringlet curls right around her face. They are super fragile because they are whispy, but the curliness is bionic-like in it's power to resist styling. It's much like THIS before I spend hours straightening it.
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                  • Felicity hair! That's amaze. Yay!! I really hope it works for you guys.

                    And glad everyone else is now obsessed with the site. I really do love how detailed the tutorials are because I have zero natural hair skillz but I've been able to replicate some complicated styles.

                    Just one more thing Laguna Beach gave us - The Lauren Conrad Empire #teamLC4lyfe


                    • I swear, LC became an all-around genius.


                      • Originally posted by IssieCol View Post
                        Boscia is discontinuing my mask! I am panicking. How many can I buy and still have them be good? As long as I don't open them, are they good forever? If so, I'm willing to buy the rest of their stock! WHAT DO I DO, OMG.
                        This was forever ago but I've started using the Mint Julep again and it reminded me of this. I know it's not as quality as the beloved Boscia but it might be a decent substitute. I got the Boscia on your rec and would go between them because the Boscia was a little too intense for me to use regularly. I felt like they essentially did the same thing for me though.

                        I've also started using the Grape Seed Peel and am verray pleased with it. My skin is definitely softer and more refreshed looking after and you can peel the whole thing off in one go which is gross and awesome.

                        As cheap as Queen Helene products are at the drug store, they're half that at Ulta. Both masques together were like 7 bucks.


                        • I've been in a DIY mood this summer so I made this sea salt hairspray last Wednesday and after a week's use, I recommend. I have naturally wavy hair that I usually blow dry straight and then go over with a big barrel curling iron for body (I have a lot of it but it's very fine) but it's too hot for that in summer. I've been towel drying, spritzing this on and then combing through and letting it air dry. For work, I still use the curling iron once it's dry but otherwise, it air dries with a good texture/volume and I'm good to go. For second day hair, I spritz on my hands and scrunch it in.

                          I looked at The Beauty Department's version first but it seemed too heavy for my hair.

                          With this, I used water, sea salt (had to buy for the cupcakes anyway), coconut conditioner I already had and cheapo hair gel. I didn't add any essential oils because I was worried about it making my hair greasy.

                          Cheap, easy, and it works as well as the Bumble & Bumble I used to have.


                          • Side effect to all the supplements I am taking for my eyes? Dewy skin that looks AMAZEBALLS.

                            What I am taking:

                            1200 mg VitalHealth Fish Oil 4x per day
                            unknown mg Green Pastures cod liver oil w/butter oil 1-2x per day
                            1000 mg Flax seed oil 2x per day

                            I don't know which of these is mainly responsible for my skin, but there's a whole lot of anti-inflammatory stuff going on there. If I had to bet on it, I'd say it's probs the flax seed oil helping me the most, b/c I have only been on the fish oil for a week. I've been on the flax seed oil for 6 wks.

                            Caveat: Taking that amount of fish oil per day should prob be done only after checking with a doc. At this level, it acts as a blood thinner, so I have to be careful about bruising and bleeding and other meds I am on.

                            I just recently also added 12 mg Astaxanthin 1x per day, which is supposed to be great for eyes and skin, as well generally good for joints, asthma, arthritis, cancer fighting, etc. It's one of those super antioxidants.


                            Anyway, having my eyes butchered by lasers meant that I had to take a break from oil cleansing so I wouldn't get random oils in my eye area --- so I didn't expect my skin to actually improve post-surgery. I'm just using Burt's Bees wipes at night, and that's it. No lotions, creams, or anything else.

                            I probably have magnificent cholesterol levels right now, too -- but who cares, because you can't see that.


                            • I have been so bad about taking my fish oil supplements but those really do improve my skin!

                              This is prolly gross/TMI b/c it's about being sick and getting a fever blister (which rupture and become cold sores) but if you have ever suffered from them you might find this helpful:

                              I was very very sick a couple of weeks ago and could not stop and take a sick day and had a wedding in another state that weekend so I had been burning the candle at both ends while sick. And when I get sick about 80% of the time I also get a fever blister (it's viral and super gross but I only get them when I am extremely rundown and my immune system is not functioning). And they are usually small and often easily covered up with lip gloss if I have to go somewhere so it's not like extremely traumatic or anything, but I had a wedding and work and I already felt like crap and looked like crap and so I just happened to google for best lip balm for fever blisters and I discovered that L-Lysine allegedly suppresses the virus so I picked up a bottle of it from Whole Foods.

                              I read you could take up to 3k mg a day but that it might give you the runs (wheee) but I figured it was worth it because I had the telltale warning signs I was getting a blister (it was already forming and your lip "burns" in the spot you'll get a blister for a couple of hours before any evidence of one appears). So I took the crap faithfully for two days and POOF it was gone! The blister that was barely there never got bigger and in fact got even smaller and disappeared (this had never ever happened to me before so I felt confident it was the supplement actually working). I then made the huge mistake of stopping taking the supplement while I was still sick and my immune system was still compromised (was seriously sick 14 days). I ended up getting two tiny blisters on a completely different part of my mouth than I ever had before (which is weird but also interesting). BUT I went right back to taking the supplements and while they were not completely suppressed, they were virtually invisible after about 48 hours. And with lipstick you couldn't even see it.

                              So while I usually would have a small blister and then suffer through covering it up for 7-10 days? This entire issue lasted 4-5 days tops and I blame myself for backing off the supplement while I was still sick.

                              So, yeah, I'm a believer in this supplement! Whenever I get sick in the future I'm going to immediately take the L-Lysine three times a day until my immune system is functioning again.
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                              Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                              • To Pink-ify my hair or not? You have 65 minutes to tell me why not.