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  • Screwy things in the forums

    For no apparent reason the boards have suddenly started horking on the customized templates. *sob* I can't figure exactly what the problem is just yet (but I've narrowed it down, thank Jebus), so I've reverted everything to the default settings. it all looks very, very ugly at the moment! Please accept my apologies until I get it fixed.

    Also, because I am a dumbass and originally thought the problem was with the database, I restored a backup from earlier this afternoon. So a couple of hours' worth of posts is gone. Sorry!

    <-- still learning how to use vBulletin

    I will post again when all is well.

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    Aha! Found the problem! I believe all should be back to normal now. Sorry for the loss of posts, but hey, lesson learned! At least I feel all happy about my backup procedure. The good news is that the reason I was mucking with things in the first place is because we're getting ready to launch, so I was moving some shit around on the server. Whee!

    Plus, now I officially feel like FanForum, what with the downtime and the lost posts! *sniff* Good times! If only we had Jerry D here!

    Is, I will re-post the airdates and times for Unprecedented tomorrow morning.
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      Great post, diesel!

      [Sorry, that's as Jerry as I can let myself be.]
      "But my greatest pain in life is that I will never be able to see myself perform live.---Kanye