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Thanks to our writers!

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  • Thanks to our writers!

    I just have to thank Neo and Roly for bringing the funny. I love them!

    I hope Roly continues to post her TV reviews. I'm not sure which I want you to watch more, The O.C. or Angel?
    And Neo? You own me with your double whammy of The Vag & SKoW hate!
    Its just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.

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    I was hoping it would spur you into writing your madnono about America's Fascination with Virginity!
    "But my greatest pain in life is that I will never be able to see myself perform live.---Kanye


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      Dude, America's male fascination with woman's virginity is nothing. At least they relate it to nothing more than purity, and that pure is sweet and vulnerable. Whatevah, but somewhat understandable. In here, one of the synonym of woman's virginity is dignity. Nothing can be done until that word stops being used.

      And we have a hella lot of internet erotic stories and cheap novels about a woman who is going to marry a guy she doesn't love, and at the night before the wedding, come to the man she truly loves to hand her crown to the one and only guy who deserves her precious. Bwah! That's really what the young men here think about women's stand on their virginity. So romantic. Okay, I don't know the truth either, but I suspect the reason women here keep their virginity is because if they don't, they're sluts. Not so much has anything to do with a gesture of romance. Virginity belongs to your first husband, yo! True love only gets the memory of holding hands under the rain after a romantic dinner at a meatballs cafe.

      But I have to say I'm kinda out of touch with today's youth. They're probably not so uptight now.


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        I our new site, and it's all thanks to our writers. I was literally clapping, crying, laughing, and calling Mr. D over simultaneously as I read Roly's Cat in the Hat bit and Neo's open letter from Britney's vagina.



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          So much content! And I don't have to hide the title bar! Wheeeee!

          Y'all been busy, yo. It looks great.